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New Dist. Pedal

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My Bruce DS-2 took a #### and I needed a new distortion pedal pronto 'cause I alternate between my Muff and DS-2 depending on which of my songs so I don't have the same sound on every track. Anyway, I picked up a '93-'94 DOD FX55B Supra Distortion. I paid $30 for it and am happy to discover that it was made in the USA. Basically, I sparked a deal with this dude at a pawn shop a couple miles away. So since I haven't gotten to play it yet, has anyone played one of these before? There is really no proper demo on the tube. Here are some pictures of it though:


I didn't post it directly here cause it's a large picture.

Here's the schematics, the one on the right is an 80's one, the one on the left is a '94 just like mine. Guy says schematics are the same with different color caps:


So, again, anyone know anything?

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I've never heard one but everything I've found on the net about it says that it's rather bad but if you need a cheap pedal to do the Rat/DS-1 thing on a budget, it's worth a shot right? i would just save up some money and get a better pedal but that's just me.

Thanks for the advice man, and yeah this is rather temporary and what I was going for anyway. Everytime I read it's bad on reviews, I always assume people are testing pedals through a solid state 5w practice amp so I am still going to give it a run through. And yeah, even if it's bad, I only paid $30 for it so I'm not too concerned. The problem is I just bought a drum set to record demos with so I am bit short on cash right now. I am working on selling my car since I use more public trans anyway, once I get that I will pick up a proper distortion pedal. Know of any other ones that you'd recommend I give a shot that isn't the run of the mill Boss?

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Each to his own because i have boutique stuff and i still like my rat/muff/ds-1 and all the old pedals everyone seems to hate! ha! The next one i get will probably be the Blackstone appliance company mosfet or whatever they call it. I just need to know how mids sound through it because i like a lot of mids. Check that pedal out and let me know what you think. I heard its the most responsive pedal to different pickups and the way it reacts to volume change is amazing. You know if you make a great song with that 30 dollar pedal then everyone will want one and the market will skyrocket!

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