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Hi there!

Had my Classic Player Jazzmaster for about 5 months now all was fine until today.

I finished playing at rehearsal and noticed a strange buzzing (not humming) that goes away when I touch the strings or ANY metal part of the guitar. When touching the strings I can feel a strange sensation, almost like static.

Things to note:

This is NOT the normal hum one gets from single coils, it has a different sound to it. It developed directly after I noticed some problems with the connection (it was very week and was getting louder then softer), the connection problem stopped and then there was the buzzing.

I took the guitar straight back to the store, they plugged it in and the guitar was totally fine. I took it back to the rehearsal room, my amp had been moved to a different room at this point-the guitar was fine again here. Played for about 15 mins with no problems

What caused the problem?!?!

My amp was plugged into a 4way power extension (that had the other 3 plugged in use by another amp and 2 effect pedals) which was plugged into a large reel power extender which was then plugged into the wall socket.

I'm doubting that a near new Fender guitar would develop a grounding issue. The scratch plate has been lifted up about 2 cm to access the pup selector once as it was getting stuck in the neck position and put straight back. Shouldn't have caused a problem.

Will be testing again tomorrow, hoping it's ok.



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Maybe one of the soldering points came loose? I would open it up and reflow each connection and see if that helps. Also try different cables to make sure it wasn't an amp or cable issue.

+1. That's the best advice. It absolutely has to be one of those issues, and I would start with the cables before you open it all up for no reason as that would be a pain in the ass haha.

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Back again!

The buzzing sound has gone away but there still seems to be a clicking sound when I lightly touch the strings or metal parts. Not sure if this is normal for the guitar or what!?!?! All cables and amps are good.

I'm not sure. How loud is the clicking? If it is not as loud as your playing, that is something I would honestly just overlook. If it is extremely loud, about as loud as playing volume, then yes, something is definitely wrong.

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