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I need some serious help, i'm about to trash my Mustang

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A while ago i posted here about me not getting my 'b' string to sound correct. I've tried alot of things since then but i still can't get it to sound proper.

I came to conclusion it MUST be the intonation, my mate checked up my guitar and said it's unbelievable this got through the Final checks of Fender.

Long story short.

My saddles are maxed out to the f*cking max, AND STILL THE INTONATION IS TOO SHARP

A mate of mine that did some guitar setups for soundgarden occasionally, said that he could fix it but then the whole bridge needed to be moved 3mm to the butt, and if that wouldn't work then my guitar is basicly f*cked.

Isn't there a bridge that has extended saddles or what? I've been struggling with my guitar for over 8 months now. I paid nearly 1 grand for it after some pickup/humbucker mods.

It f*cking feels like i'm about to break up with a girlfriend.


Please help me!

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