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Problem replacing my Mustang Tuners.

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Okay, so my girlfriend and I exchanged gifts early today, and she got me a set of Grover tuners but she got the wrong kind, but theyre not bad at all. theyre 205BC6 Rotomatic, the only issue i have with getting them in is that the washer things from the stock tuners dont exactly want to come out. Has anyone taken their stock tuners off completely and knows a way to take them off without doing damage? This is probably something that most of you know an easy and obvious way to do, but I havent done a lot of mods until I got this mustang, and I wanna make sure I do it right. I tried getting the wrench on there to ease them off, but Fender decided to make them circular rather than hexagonal...I checked YouTube and tons of other sites and nobody really posted anything about dismantling the stock mustang tuners that would help my situation. From what Ive seen, the Grovers would fit perfectly if the damn things would just come out so I dont think ill have to rout a larger hole for the machineheads, Im gonna try and post some pictures in a few minutes so you guys know what im talking about. All help is appreciated, please and thanks.

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