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NGD: '67 Telecaster (Partscaster)

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Just wanted to show everyone that I got my first Tele... a Partscaster in Shell Pink. I really love it. I also got the set of Curtis Novak's to go in. Played the hell out of it yesterday, but here is some photos. I know Shell Pink isn't for everyone, but I love the color and the fact that it isn't a run of the mill finish.





Right now it has GFS Alnico 5 Tele pups. Looking forward to getting the Novak's put in and while I'm at it I'm going to do vintage correct '67 specs to get it right where I want it. Very happy.

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That's nice.  I have always thought that the bigger black decal suited Teles better.  What are the parts from that you used to make it?


Thanks man. Actually, the body is a GFS Paulownia body. I was happy with it cause it had the flat part on the bottom as a Tele should (where the input jack is).

The neck I actually got used and refinished it. Not sure of the brand. It is solid quartersawn maple, little amber, and then nitro coated. The pickups are Novak Tele pups wound to stock 1967 Telecaster specs. The pots were changed to CTS USA 250K, and I used a NOS .05 50v orange circular cap that was used stock in the 60's on Fender's. The inspiration and reason I wanted a late 60's Telecaster was after oogling over PJ Harvey's tone, haha. I changed the bridge to a brand new Fender 1960's style bridge with the threaded saddles. I figured it would fit the guitar well as the decal is really from -'68 and on but was used on some '67's. So I guess this is more of a '67 crossver to '68. Here is what the guitar looks like today, all cleaned up after a night of blasting through Raw Power :D









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