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Im gonna include my last 2 since pretty much all the rest is on this site somewhere ;)

I got this for christmas since I pay my store in deposits (im too poor/bad with money to have it all at once haha)

Its a MIM Fender FSR La Cabronita Telecaster. (la cabronita translates roughly into little basterd or the bitch if you dont do spanish ;) ) and frankly, I dont wish to change anything on it, its pretty much perfect and easy to use. (except the upgrade to dunlop straplocks) about £470






some really nice patterns in the neck I couldnt capture.


I got this at the same time I decided to buy the Tele, the clean sound from the two combined is brilliant.

Its one of the first run of Marshall Class 5's (the ones with all the issues supposedly, mine works fine and sounds amazing)

I got it since I loved the sound, and needed a new amp since I was playing at the Royal Albert Hall again a couple of weeks later. Great classic rock tone, wide range of tones despite what other people say (they obviously havent experimented enough with it haha)

For 5 watts, its one of the loudest amps I've ever come across. it would give a twin reverb a run for its money. Picked it up second hand (a few minutes use from the guy who works at the store I go to) perfect condition, £300.



the best settings for use with a pedal (usually a DS1)

I picked this up the weekend before the show, since I thought it'd need to be loud (and it was!) even though I turned up on the day to discover they already had amps mic'd up...

Still think this is a good investment, it gains more different tones from the Class 5 because of the speakers. I traded in my practice amp (Marshall MG15DFX and my Fender 212r for it.)

Its a Marshall 1960 cab (slanted). Couldnt find any info on it since the only other ones I've seen said 1960A or B or Lead etc.. sure its the same one though. sounds KILLER!


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