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Jazzmaster noob question (hopefully an interesting one!)

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Hi there, I have just picked up a Squier VM Jazzmaster the one with tremolo. I have just dropped a GFS tune-o-matic in there as it didnt fit the guitar I intended it for a happy accident . http://guitarfetish....ASS_p_4217.html.

I understand the radius will be off but I thought I would give it a whirl and I can really tell the difference in rattle over the stock bridge and the intonation seems ok enough. The pole pieces also line up well. Sound wise it seems to have a warmer, thicker sound. I got wondering if matching brass tail would line up and I could somehow attached this to the trem plate. It seems to me that I could remove the trem plate then fit the stop bar over the two screws at the back using washers and longer screws. Hope this makes sense?

With this experiment I would be hoping to give the guitar a beefier and more solid feel due to the lump of brass and the extra contact, I know I should probably have gone for another model but its the classic look that's burnt into my mind. Does anyone see any problems with this? Its easily reversible or am I just a fool?




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If you take the tremolo off and remove the spring and tighten the spring's screw all the way tight, it should basically hard tail the tremolo giving you a similar experience vs drilling the body to add a stop tail. Using that bridge would also have you need to drill the bridge holes out of you want the bridge installed completely, also you would likely need to add a shim because tune-o-matic style bridges are taller physically. It can be done, but I don't know if you will get a lot different sound doing all those changes. Pickups usually make a more noticeable difference in sound honestly.

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You can " hard-tail" a Jazzmaster, or a Jaguar, just by tightening up the vibrato spring all the way, and removing the arm. If you want the strings to angle over the bridge more like a Gibson, or something, you could get a buzzstop. If the mounting posts for the tune-o-matic bridge co-incide with the "thimbles" for the Fender bridge, then mounting the tune-o-matic can be accomplished, probably, by putting tight-fitting dowels in the thimbles, and drilling them for the tune-o-matic's posts.

I would recommend a Mustang bridge, however. You can simply rock it back all the way in it's thimble-pivots, intonate it, and leave it there. You can also "hard-mount" a fender floating bridge by putting the right size of rubber, or plastic, tubing around the bridge posts, which will make the bridge fit tightly in it's thimbles, and prevent it from rocking back and forth.

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