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Identifying my jazzmaster

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Well it's really hard to tell from the small picture but the tremolo plate is stamped fender and the hardware is some sort of tune-o matic (or whatever the hell the fender ones called) so the hard ware at the very least is real fender. maybe the person who last owned it changed the PG. how does it sound? maybe you could go into a store and see how your guitar compares. also i think the pick guard is a lot more dull than the squier. it's hard to tell but i think it's real,do you have any more high res pics?

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Yeah your thoughts about the pickguard sound real, seems like the former owner wanted to isolate the pickups (the pickguard is made of iron)

Thank you guys! Now I`m sure enough that my investment is not wasted.

As fot the sound I totally love it, it seems like i've found exactly «mine». Sound is full of sparks when using both pups and the guitar sounds really deep but still clear on the neck pup. As for the bridge pup I use it only when I am Jack White in my garage.

Before this I used telecaster american standard and telecaster 72 deluxe, I liked both, but the first was too bright and the second was too muddy. Jazzmaster combines the two.

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