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Kurt Cobain Special Edition Jaguar vs. Jaguar HH

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Hey, I'm planning on buying my first Jaguar this September, so I have some time to think. I'm having trouble deciding on a Jaguar, but I know a few things. 1. I want a Jag that can fit humbucking pickups. 2. I want to get a hard rock/punk rock/grunge sound out of it. So I looked around and found 2 Jaguars that caught my attention. The Kurt Cobain edition Jaguar, seemed pretty awesome, but it's heavily priced, around $1,299 USD. Here's a demo of it:

Then there's the HH Jaguar that goes for around $1,000 - $1,099 USD. It seemed pretty good too although it has 2 MIJ Dragster Humbuckers as opposed to the DiMarzio Super Distortion humbuckers that are in the Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Here's a demo of that too:

So my question is this.. what do you guys think would be a better investment? Is the KC Jaguar really worth all that money? Is the HH Jaguar good enough for the sound I wanna get? Thanks.

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Well, you're only looking at a $200 difference there and when you figure that the dimarzio pickups alone for the pair will be about $160 it kind of negates that difference. The cobain jag also has a toggle switch instead of the 3 seperate switches for the pickups, as well as two volume knobs, so you could use it to do a killswitch effect if you wanted to for something like Rage Against The Machine.

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I owned an HH, and I pretty regularly as of late have tried out the Cobain Jaguar at GC as of late (It's re-ignited my G.A.S. a little bit). Two entirely different animals.

My experience with the HH is that it's very bright sounding, and those Dragster humbuckers don't have the "push" the Cobain model has. Some of it is probably because of the heavier tailpiece/bridge setup, paired with the lower-output (around 7K Ohms each) humbuckers that probably have ceramic magnets. I liked the sound, but not enough to justify keeping it against the 66' Mustang I traded it for that sounded warmer to me. The Cobain Jag will get you closer into that fatter low-end territory.

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I have a late 90's 69 reissue with single coils and you het a nicer clean imo and if you have a decent distortion pedal you can get a punk/ska/grunge feel. When I bought it I wanted to rout it out and put a super distortion in it but I loved that single coil clean sound it had, amd with a good amp, cab, and distortion pedal you can get a heavy sound.

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