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I have been subtly poking at Andrew that I wanted a double cut Les Paul Junior style body made to take a Fender neck for a little while. (Well since I saw he got Junior templates. LOL) It is finally on. I am calling it a Mutt because it is a mix of some of my favorite guitar elements. Here is a crude mock up to get the basic idea. (Color subject to change.)


Mutt by Hentai No Baka, on Flickr

I wanted the double cut shape. I dropped the neck in a bit to help it mount better. Andrew has total control on how the neck will attach. He knows his stuff. This is just a reference of what I am shooting for. I will be using a Japanese Jaguar neck on it, so it will be short scale. Andrew is going to move the bridge to match. It will have two Jaguar pickups, Jaguar bridge, Jaguar tremolo, Telecaster control plate, and an electrostatic cup jack on the side. It will also have a tummy cut and forearm contours.

Method for my madness:

I like Les Paul Juniors... but I hate set necks. You damage your neck and you are f*cked. I also like Japanese Fender necks a lot. I really like contours. I tolerate my tele and Jag-Stang's slab body, but I would rather they be contoured. More comfy to me. I love Jaguars, so a lot of the sound elements are Jaguar. Tele switches are really solid and I think I will wire it like the Marr so that it puts them in series when in the fourth position. I also prefer controls to be metal or pickguard mounted vs body mounted from the back.

There you go. The Mutt. Andrew is going to work on making the body and guard for me and I will do the rest.

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Update from Andrew.

Made the template today. This takes just as long as making the body' date=' itself (after the blank is glued), but it takes 10 times as much brain power. I'm not complaining, any given challenge can be defined as work or fun, all depending on the build it is going into. This one is inspiring, for me, so the challenges are fun. You can see, here, that the whole middle section of the body is identical to the Jag templates I got from Stereordinary. I routed the trem, and drilled all the neck/bridge/trem holes with the Jag template affixed to the Mutt template.


I moved the neck pocket forward enough that the butt of the heel will just touch the straight line of the body. I'm going to make a new pickguard template, to follow the curve of the neck pocket, but today when I found myself trying to justify leaving that area sloppy, by using the old template, I knew it was time to stop building for the day. That's been the greatest thing, since I stopped accepting build requests, I have little enough on my plate that I can just stop when I know I'm not working to my fullest potential. I used to try to push through it, and that was where every one of my blems came from


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Tremolo: Check
Bridge and Cups: Check
Pots: Check
Four Way Custom Tele Switch for Series Mod: Check
Tele Plate: Check
Black Speed Knobs: Check
Black Kill Switch: Check
Black Electrostatic Cup with Switchcraft Jack: Check
Jaguar Neck, Plate, Screws: Check
Pickguard Screws: Check
Classic Player Single Coil Pickups: Check
White Milk Paint: Check

All set and ready to roll once the body is finished! I am excited to:

A: Try the white milk paint as a white wash.
B: Hear what the high output Jaguar pickups sound in series as a humbucker. (Serioulsy add up those high outputs. They are almost like humbucker output already. It will melt walls.)
C: Just to PLAY this guitar. Nothing like it so I am excited to see what is like.

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Progress from Andrew. He had the idea that instead of doing Fender roundovers and contours to instead keep it mostly slab like a Junior would be, but do steeper roundovers where contours would be to give those two areas a bit more curve. I think it looks pretty awesome! The pictures are with a mint guard. Sounds like he is going to do a single ply white guard as well. PICTURES!









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