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A new section has just been opened up on jag-stang.com!  It's called the Jag-Stang Registry. A place for current and former jag-stang owners to show off their jag-stang (no matter how boring stock or crazy modified). 


The forum is the first place the Registry is being announced so we can start off slow and make sure things are working properly with the new section. So if you are a jag-stang owner come help us try it out and add your guitar! The test/example data I've added will be removed as more real data gets listed. (note you will need to create a registry account to add your jag-stang)


From what I understand this is kind of a throwback to a section that used to exist back in the old Jag-Stang Owner's Club days. A list of owners that was manually maintained that showed the distribution of colors, right/left handed, etc.


Some interesting data should come out of the listings like who has the oldest/newest jag-stang, just how rare that left-handed sonic blue model is, etc...






Over the next few weeks we'll spread the word to more places and link the registry into the rest of the site.


Feel free to give you feedback here also.

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Thanks for trying it out redman!  I found the problem with the serial number display.  Looks like you have what I refer to as that "overlap" era japanese serial number. The transition to Crafted In Japan stamp but still the 'V' series.  I've updated the serial display code to handle that case.  


I will still have to update the sorting code so the 'V' series CIJ is not actually the newest year of jagstang though. Should have that updated later.


BTW - kudos on having one of those very rare Sonic Blue lefty models!

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