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Little vid for anyone who wants to check out the TM JM's sound, or remembers me and would like to hear some offbeat original jams. ha
Rough draft as it stands, complete with mistakes, interlude has yet to be added, and adlibbed solo section. (Sue me) ;-P

Junky (and nearly blown out) crate amp, Boss MD-2 and DD-7, in case anyone is curious.



Criticism welcome

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i was glad to see that you can actually play a lil bit, i was worried that you were going to have a really nice guitar and try playing mary had a little lamb and screw it up.

  i only got 1:13 into the vid. you got a good sound comming out. is the crate your only amp? and what all pedals do you have? seems a shame to have a nice guitar running into something that will destroy all the personality of the notes.

  i dig it.

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Yeah, most of my stuff was stolen quite a few years back. Bass, 3 guitars, half-stack, practice amp, and 2 pedals.

All I have, and used, was in that description in the op.

Boss DD-7 @ Lvl: 1o'clock, F.Back: 3o'clock, D.Time: 1o'clock, analog mode
Boss MD-2 @ Lvl: 4o'clock, Tone: Maxed(bottom 1o'clock), Distortion: 1o'clock, Gain Boost: 2o'clock

And yes, That little crate amp is the only functional one I have, atm. It's not that it's bad, it's just not very big, so it gets pushed futher than it should, probably. It also has a really loud hum when idle, as you can hear before I start playing in the video. I usually have the the bass cranked to nearly max, the mids scooped out at about 3-4, high mids closer to 4-5, and the treble at 7ish. The fact that the audio and video is recorded on a phone probably isn't doing anyone any favors either hahaha.

I do have an oolllddd fender sidekick amp, but it wasn't taken care of very well before I got it and it only took me a month or so to completely blow the speaker out, so eventually, I'm going to replace the speaker and start using that again. It has a good amount of power and volume, but its just a disgusting drone in it's current condition.

Any speaker recommendations based on someone using a lot of delay, echo, and high gain distortion, without blowing the speaker or mudding up the sound?

I play anything from metal, to sludgy grungey punkish stuff, to weird atmostpheric stuff like the video above, which has been the direction I'm heading in more and more when I'm writing seriously.  I usually keep things fairly simple as far as playing goes though, because I like to use effects and I want it all to articulate, without getting bogged down. Plus, I try not to write anything I can't play and sing at the same time, because more and more I'm finding it harder to find people worth playing with on an artistic level, and being able to stand people on a personal level haha. It's not that i'm THAT snobby, I've just found that heavy drug users aren't the most reliable or trustworthy bandmates, and that population seems to have taken over my immediate area. I've resigned myself to having to do my own bass, guitar and vocals until I get back to the west coast.

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