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My Alpine white Jagstang with 2 Humbuckers

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Finally finished this beauty! She has a Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck and a JB in the bridge....500k pots and a 0.22 capacitor:




And this is her orignal Fender sister also with a JB in the bridge and a Fender Texas special in the neck...Also has been modified to have a TOM bridge.



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These look great Longywales!  The white/black combo is especially striking.


Thank you! I Spent ages trying to find the right colours...what inspired me to go with a white body was watching "Nirvana - Live n Loud", although Cobain had a sonic blue mustang in that show, the lighting made it look white and it looked so much better....


Also i have never been a fan of rosewood fretboards :)

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Nice looking guitars.


Someday I am going to get a Jagstang and mod with JB in the bridge and a Fender Texas special in the neck.


Are you from Wales Longywales?


I live in Cardiff.


Thank you! yeah mate, I live just down the road in Caerphilly :)

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I know its a bit late in the day, but i finally bought a decent webcam and thought i would show off my Custom jagstang with a few live and loud covers:


Breed cover:



Rape me Cover (cleans are a bit too loud mind, you were warned)


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