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Jaguar Classic player/Mustang Bridge question

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Hi all,


I've recently got a hold of a Mexican Classic player guitar that has been modded to change the pickups to single coil, and sounds great. However, having a Johnny Marr signature Jag, I'm really wanting to swap out the bridge for a mustang one as I much prefer the feel of it!


I but wondered if this is a simple process on the classic player series, as I'm aware the bridge differs somewhat on the Adjustomatic compared to the standard Jaguar bridge. Would it be hard work to do this and not just a "swap out?" Or is there a way to do it "simply", if it requires any serious modifications?


Sorry to ask such a silly question, I don't generally take my guitars apart or anything or upgrade usually, I just wanted to get some thoughts from some experts on here!

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the radius is different on the cp jaguar(classic players)

i know the hh jaguar has a compound radiused neck. but i want to say the classic players jaguar neck is a straight 9.5 radius and the mustang bridge is radiused at a 7.25.

so swapping out the bridge would not be a very good idea. unless of course you got a tusque mustang bridge with the ajustable saddles.

  my advise. don't do it.

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Warmoth, I think, makes a quasi- "Mustang" bridge with some adjustable saddles, so you can adjust the radius some, but I think that adding those wobbly "feet" to the Mustang saddles negates their purpose, by reducing the amount of contact that the saddles have with the bridge, and the amount of direct coupling between the strings and the body- the reason for the tone and feel "improvement" that the Mustang bridge supposedly gives. Still, it should work OK, if you install those rocker thimbles where the tune-o-matic posts go now.

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I have a MIJ RI Mustang which I swapped the bridge and neck with the TOM and flat neck from my CP Jag HH. I had to shim the neck with the end of a credit card on the 'stang. The mustang bridge sits snugly in but the adjustable bridge height screws dont touch the bottom. I may have to fill it somehow, not sure where the bridge thimbles for the TOM are earthed yet, I don't want to have to lift the thimbles either...

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