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Vintage Modified Jag Neck Swap

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Hi there,


I have a question. My youngest cousin recently bought a Squier Vintage Modified Jag in seafoam green, and loves the look of it. However, he did feel the 9.25 fretboard was a little big, and prefered the feel of my 7.5 fretboard on one of my jags.


Someone suggested to him swapping the neck, for a fender thinline Jaguar neck which are kicking around on Ebay. Would this be a straight swap out job, or would the neck not fit? I know it would require the bridge saddles matching the fretboard radius, but having never swapped a neck, would this be something that could be done, or would are the neck joints be incompatible?


Would something like this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-Special-Edition-Jaguar-Thinline-NECK-White-Bound-Rosewood-Pearl-/200888025938?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2ec5dc0352#ht_792wt_959 literally bolt on instead of the squier neck?


Thanks, and sorry for potentially another silly/simple question!

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its a straight swap. the scale is the same and the heel is the same.

fender is pretty universal when it comes to thier necks, the biggest diff being with teles and strat type heels.

there is slight variation with the vintage jazzmaster neck heels as opposed to a vintage strat, but not enough so that they wouldn't fit.

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