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new bridge for ca. 2006 Japan Jaguar

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Hi guys,


just stumbled upon this forum, seems like the right place for the slightly confused jaguar enthusiast such as myself.

i own a ca. 2006 fender jaguar made in japan. i'm not quite sure whether it has a special name, it wasnt quite as cheap as the current mexico jags anyway, and - i think its a brilliant guitar. great sound, superb quality. the only thing that really, really annoys me is the bridge, and the problems that come with it. the stock bridge was far from perfect, it often meant that the guitar'd stay tuned for 5 minutes max and often, when you hit the bottom e string hard, it would be nudged out of its normal place and thus lose its tuning and if you bent the top e string to far the same would happen there.

so i got a mustang bridge off ebay, installed it. turns out that doenst really make the problem any better for me, despite the fact that i read that this bridge should solve my problems. the only thing that's become better is the tuning-stablity.

now i really want to get a decent setup so that i can play me guitar - also potentially in a live setting - without having to fear for my e strings. one thing i'd like to stress is that i'm totally not inclined towards drilling any holes into my guitar. i really do love it and - should it turn out that i want to sell it some day - i don't want its value to drop due to some modifications. apart from that i'm seriously inept at drilling.



will a standard tune-o-matic bridge fitmy jaguar model?

is the fender adjust-o-matic bridge the best option? would it fit?

where can i buy the fender adjust-o-matic?

is the problem perhaps that my guitar isnt set up correctly? could a perfect setup stop the problems ive been having?


thanks in advance, and have a nice weekend everyone!




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have a pro set up the guitar, heavier strings are better with the jaguar, since the scale is a bit shorter and the bridge set up allows for more string complience the strings will jump around the stock bridge with harder playing.

i would reccomend going back to the stock bridge and using a file to groove them a deeper.

or, getting a buzz stop, that will increase the break angle over the bridge which will keep the strings in place no matter what bridge you have on it.

i would NOT put a tune o matic, gibson, nor fender on it, the jap jags are 7.25 radius, and a tune o matic bridge with that radius does not exist.

if you do wish you procure such a bridge go to guitar parts resouces.com they have all liscensed and aftermarket parts for most major manufacturors

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I have an '06 with block inlays. Love it!!! However, the Japanese hardware is not that great. I just finished replacing the bridge and tailpiece with genuine USA Fender Jaguar parts. Big big difference!

It's all a matter of personal preference, of course, but if you like the Jaguar for what it is, keep the parts Jaguar. Don't go to a TOM.


A pro set-up is never a bad idea, and definitely heavier strings. I have 11's on mine. 


Just my $.02.

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