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Looking to get my first pedal, has to be a distortion so I can play along to my favourite Nirvana tunes.


Was looking at a DS-1 for authenticity, but I head a DS-2 might be better?

Also, a colleague is selling a Marshall Guv'nor like this: http://www.marshallamps.com/product.asp?productCode=Guvnor for only £25. Would that be better than a Boss?


All will be played on a stock Jag-Stang through a Fender Frontman 15G amp.

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what is your budget? I don't like boss personally but if you have your heart set on the kurt thing look for a keeley modded DS1, if you want a better pedal I recommend. 

Fulltone OCD

80's proco rats

Catalinbread: Dirty Little Secret

Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion

MI audio crunch box

Anything made by Zvex 

Marshall Shredmaster.

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i would try and save up a bit of cash and go for something a bit higher end. the ds-1 isnt a bad pedal by any means, there are far worse out there, but in all reality there are better units out there. and it would be very wise to go out and try out as many as possible.

personally i have owned about five ds-1 pedals, but never stick with them for very long, i preferred the boss od-1 to the harsh sounding ds-1, i didn't much care for the ds-2 when i tried it, and if i were to reccomend any distortion pedal, i would say the dwarfcraft devices eau claire thunder is my personal fav. tho they sell for about 250.00 u.s. which is a bit out of your price range.

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So no-one rates the Marshall pedal then?

I like it more than the DS-1 but I've never played one myself but it's an overdrive not a distortion so you will never get kurts sound out this pedal alone, maybe if you blend it with the amps overdrive as well. 

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DS-1 or DS-2 will get you the sound you're looking for. As other's have pointed out, there are other pedals that will do a better job, although at a price. If you're sticking within your price range, the DS-1 or DS-2 may be your only options. They are fine pedals and fairly versatile for the price. My clean sound is not very "clean" and really I have a boost on at all times. Prior to purchasing this yellow Rocktron pedal I acquired, I was using Boss DS-2 as a boost with the volume set high and the gain set very low. Again, there are far better pedals that can do what the DS pedals can do and much better, but for the price it's good.

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