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Just bought my first jaguar

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So I just got my first Jaguar. I got a vintage modified squier one because I got it durring a big sale, have always wanted a jaguar, & plan on doing a lot of work to it to make it my own. I know I need to switch the tremolo system for a locking one and I guess get it all set up. Anything anyone on here would suggest to me to do it (other than the "don't get a squier" comment) to get it to the best jaguar it can be?

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i have only messed with one briefly at guitar center and it felt like a quility instrument. i would suggest getting a different bridge for it as i have heard that the stock bridge kinda blows. a mustang bridge is a good choice.

not sure about the trem system, and in reality the "lock" on the normal jaguar trem doesn't actually lock the trem..... it just stops the upward travel of the unit when its engaged. if you don't plan on using the trem at all then just tighten the tension screw all the way. that will do the trick just fine.

otherwise. enjoy! i hear they are great guitars once they are setup, and can't be beat for the money!

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  Be carful when buying a tremolo. I didn't know there is a Japanese and American tremolos. The Japanese tremolos (I bought from an on line vender) round nut will not hold the upper plate and the tremolo plate apart, other words do not work. The vender said he's sold dozens of them all like the one I got. (Also he didn't say it was a Japanese tremolo or american.) Make sure your getting an American tremolo even if you have to get it through a fender teck.

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  I bought a tremolo from an on-line dealer. The round "nut" under the lock button is to small in diameter to keep the tremolo plat from moving. So the tremolo plate moves past the lock nut and will not work. (I had a feeling that on-line dealer was B.S. ing me when I called him about that problem.) The Japanese are very good at building and coping items for manufacture. My MIJ 30th Ann. Jaguar special is a sweet chunk on Japanese craftsmenship.


Thanks for the info on the Japanese tremolos.


P.S. Just checked out your Dwarfcraf homepage. I'm injoying Abaddon Live 3-22-13 (27:49) Really good spacy electronic music.

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i used to build pedals for dwarfcraft a couple years ago, planned a prototype guitar, but it never came thru, too many problems, made a few weird models branded dwarfract tho, glad you enjoyed it.

  ive never had a problem with any of my jap jags, tho, like i said, my avri jaguar was much smoother, and in reality it was only 300 bucks more than what i  usually paid for my jap jags, usually i could score a jap jag for about 500-600, and my avri in OTC was 900, with the case and all the case candy, i regret selling it, but i had to sell it for vet bills, the dog was more important.

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