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New 2013 Fender Custom Shop Jaguar and Jazzmasters

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    • By Dadhatsgtr
      Hello all,
      Today I did some mods on my squier vm jaguar. I swapped out the stock tone and volume pots for Fender 250k No-Load pots and put in some Antiquity II's in the bridge and neck. The issue I'm having is that when the rhythm circuit is engaged everything is fine the volume and tone dials are fully responsive. When I engage the lead circuit however, no noise comes out. Literally no noise, static, or feedback. It doesn't matter what combination of switches are engaged on the lead panel. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions!
    • By mflo
      I've been told that stacked single coil pick-ups will reduce hum on my (CIJ) Jaguar. Does anyone have specific stacked single coil recommendations? Thanks!
    • By moonweasel
      I have an ‘02–‘04 Crafted in Japan Fender Jaguar.
      It came with a Tune-o-Matic bridge: the original/standard kind, with 4mm threaded posts and thumbwheels, mounted at a slight diagonal. The threaded posts/studs are screwed directly into the body wood—there are no pots/bushings/thimbles.
      My question is, what are my options for replacing/upgrading the bridge using the existing posts (i.e. without having new post-holes drilled)? From what i can tell, all the Mastery, Stay-Trem and Mustang options all mount on 6mm posts (+/- thimbles).
      (For what it’s worth, my main issue with the ToM in the first place is that it makes the action insanely high, even with the bridge set at its lowest height. I tried shimming the neck but it hasn’t helped much, except to also add some fret buzz [which is irritating given how high the strings still are at the high end of the fretboard...]
      I did already try a tuneomatic-style bridge with roller bridges, which fit perfectly on the existing posts, but the saddles buzz/“plink” badly — I am guessing the diagonal orientation of the bridge posts means that the strings aren’t sitting squarely in the saddle grooves.)
    • By sneker
      Hello everyone.
      I own a lefty Japanese Jaguar that I bought on second hand many years ago. I like it, the neck seems of good quality but there are some problems that make me think that it's probably a fake or half fake. Here's why: (I'm French so I hope my English is clear enough)
      On the head there is no string retainer
      There is just a Fender logo (that is not a sticker) on the head, but nothing else, no "jaguar" mark or something like that.
      The color of the head and the body are slightly different if you look closely
      The fret edges seem smooth but on the area where the neck joins the body the neck exceeds a little so the strings are a little to close to the neck and  the strings distant from the pick ups
      I have a lot of problems with the electronic, sometimes there is suddenly no sound at all without a reason.
      On the plate behind the body there is no Fender logo or F letter
      The trem arm  feels ‘loose’ and often falls when I play
      Behind the neck the serial number seems ok : crafted in japan serial number Q 039 139. The guitar dater project says Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan
      in 1993 - 1994
      On the trem plate there is this inscription : Fender PAT #2.972.923 but I can't find anything about this number
      So when I write all these strange clues it seems obvious it's not the original body with the right neck or just a fake Fender. So what do you think ?
      Here are some photos of the elements.
      Thank you for your help.