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Need help identifying guitar

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Hi guys, I've been looking for a nice Jag-stang for a while but can't really find one online. A friend of mine found a similar model on the internet but couldnt find out what it was. The not-so-reliable looking chinese export website said that they were made in a professional chinese factory and they were selling all kind of these guitars for some time now.  


Anyone know if this is a real fender (which i doubt), or knows the guitar which it was copied of? Since jag-stangs are hard/impossible to get this one these days this seems like a good alternative. And i would like to buy it at a more local guitar store. Thanks.




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it looks to me like a homemade job.

the bridge and vibrato system are cheaper knock off stuffs, the body and pickguard look like older harmoney copied stuff, and the neck is probly a legit fender strat neck just stuck onto the body.  as far as a company ACTUALLY making good fender repros with a fender look a like decal, thats just not going to happen, hasn't happened since the 70's when fender and gibson both spent millions attacking companies like ibanez that were copying there stuff.

hang around on ebay, jagstang are always selling on there, and i have seen them on craigslist, few and far between, but they are there.

you may be better off getting someone to make you a custom cut body, and a mustang neck, getting it all made up to your specs, seeing as how most folks can't get along with there jag-stang as it is.

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It might be one of those Chinese counterfeit guitars that have been going around E-bay for something odd years now.  I've seen a few "Jaguars" and "Jazzmasters" in that body shape floating around on the bay with similar hardware.  They probably just rounded one side of the pickguard and called it a "Jag-Stang" in the advertisement.  It looks like it was designed by and assembled by the same people/factory that makes those 36" Harmony Beginner's Electric Guitars (H-801, H-802, H-804, 2183, 2184...and the like).

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