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wiring/supplies help needed :(

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Im modding my Jaguar to have the whole vol/vol/tone thing going on, but Im no good with a number of things..


where do the wires match up to? is it just like wiring a jazz bass?


also, I dont know where to find 3 gold dome knobs that fit 1/4' CTS pots anywhere (Britain) and I really need some quick.. The knob from my tele fits the jag, but the knobs i ordered for the jag dont fit, yet fit the tele... if that makes sense?



Any help would be greatly appreciated :) 

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as far as schematics go, just type them into google, or go to seymour duncans website. as for the knobs, i get all of my stuff either from guitarfetish.com, guitar parts resource, allparts has an online store, but its sketchy at times. grizzly sometimes has good stuff for cheap. and if all else fails stewmac has just about everything at an inflated price. only thing is, your in britian, and im not sure if those places ship to britian.

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