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Out of all the guitars i have ever owned, for some reason i have never had a jazzmaster, UNTIL TODAY!  I was buying this blacktop special jazzmaster from a member on another forum and he was nice enough to let me pay him in small payments, partially since we have bought and sold eachother stuff in the past with nothing but good to say about eachother, but at anyrate, i started buying this from him over two months ago and finally paid it off last week, and then Behold! it showed up on my doorstep early friday saturday afternoon.

its stock except the trem was swapped out for a jap trem with a lock. the neck pup is an american vintage re-issue(sounds GREAT~!) And the bridge is a GFS split humbucker(its not as hot as the neck, but its still decent)

I set it up with 11-56, tho i wanted a wound "G" but the store was out of dean mark blue steal so i got earnie balls, i hate earnie balls.

I had to level the frets and play with the neck ALOT since it has a slight bow to it. and the bridge was swapped out for a standard jaguar/jazzmaster bridge.  I had to modify an existing trem arm to be able to use the trem, but its sitting pretty and works great.  I suppose its not really a "real" jazzmaster since it doesn't have the rhythm section, the fretboard is a 9.5 instead of 7.25 and the frets are medium jumbo instead of the vintage small frets i so dearly love.  that and the decal is horrid. i don't know why they thought putting a lame small font on the headstock would be a good idea.  Overall the condition is pretty good, there is one chip out of the back, and a mystery hole in the headstock, but its a solid lil guitar, im going to give it a once over work over tomorrow at practice and see how it does after the setup this evening. (i apologize for the crap pics, i had to use my phone.)




in case anyone is interested i paid 300.00 shipped from canada to indiana. only took 5 days to get here.

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