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my 96 jag-stang

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i have had this since 99. i just got it back after about 2 years(i was locked up) anywho. its been thru hell, but it was my main guitar for about a solid 6 years, took a break and then took the center again for 3 years or so.

the pots have been replaced about 6 times, the bridge humbucker is a jeff beck, but its acting funny so i need to get under there and see whats going on. the tuners have been replaced with f-tuners(i didn't take any head shots) the bridge has been replaced. i added a jaguar rhythm section, made a cream guard. and the string tree has been replaced.

 whats original?


body/paint(whats left of it)

trem unit

control plate

neck pickup

trem arm






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there are def some burn marks!




there is one behind the trem, i just put a cig out there, about 50 million times. and the headstock has a burn or two from me leaving cigs there and... well you know how it goes.  I just put a dream 90 in it today so i figured i would take some "updated pics" the dream 90 is just a hair bigger than a normal bucker (covered vs uncovered) so i took a dull blade and scratched out the guard area for it.



it didn't come out like i wanted it to, but this guitar has checking all over it, its really noticeable on the back.



here is a spot that i actually wore thru on the neck, not alot of poly guitars have this kinda of neck wear.


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neck pup taken out of the equation. bridge pickup to toggle, wired up normal, just works like a kill switch with the neck pickup not wired up. not complicated at all, just looks like it.

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