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Some problems with my Squier Jag

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Hi everyone :-grin


I have installed an AllParts Buzz Stop in my Jaguar, but it keeps buzzing a lot, specially the low-e. I've been adjusting the bridge (it's the stock one) but can't fix it, should I leave it and install a Mustang one?


And then, the problem I'm most concerned about is when the guitar is plugged, makes a little fuzz, even in the clean channel. It sounds kinda "far", but can be heard all the time. When I turn off both pickups in the lead circuit and play something with distortion, that little fuzz keeps sounding, but shouldn't be there. It's some kind of hum that sounds only when an string is vibrating, but I don't know where it comes from, the guitar is definitely well routed so...


Well, sorry for my English, and thank you, hope you can help me :)

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Can you isolate where the buzz is coming from on the guitar? Specific string, saddle, neck, etc...? Is the fuzz sound a hum that stops when you touch something metal on the guitar?

I've fixed the buzz issue, it was just a little vibration in the first string :P

But still have some buzz in all strings, how can I fix it without lifting each saddle too much?


And about that hum, is like some "crunch" when I play with the pickups off, I pretty sure it's the neck pickup, like when I turn it off, it keeps sounding, but sound bad and without tone, I don't know :S


Thank you for posting, and one more time, sorry for my English :)

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See if you can find a good tutorial on Youtube. That's like the quickest way to learn anything today. It's not hard. Just have to be patient and careful. Soldering Iron burns suck.....

Well, I have already fixed it :D I've used the e string method, from the jack plate to the bottom of the buzz stop.

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