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series wiring

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I really like the sound of the vintage stock pickups on my Mustang, with one exception that they are not so good with palm muting as the humbuckers on my Gibson SG. So, I 'm thinking of putting a Hot Rails or Dimarzio Tonezone single coil sized humbucker in the bridge, but then there's the problem of having higher output than the neck pickup. If I keep the stock pickups but rewire the switches so I can have the pickups in series, will I get a better "chunk-chunka" sound when I'm palm muting?

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i would try changing string guages and tweaking your amp first.

personally i think that a heavey gauge string works best on shortscale guitars like the mustang/jaguar/duo-sonic/musicmaster/bronco etc.

and as far as "chunge" or chugga chugga sound, just fiddle with the bass,middle and treble on your amp.

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Thanks- I forgot about string gauge. When I recently dug my old 70's maplestang out of the closet (until last January, I had hardly picked up a guitar for 15 years) it had heavy strings on it. And when I plugged it in and strummed it, it really barked in my hands. That got me hooked right there so I put my SG aside and bought the newer mustang I'm working on right now. Still thinking about replacing the pickups though, maybe Dimarzio Tonerider S in the bridge. I think I'm going to put heavier wound strings on the Mustang  next string change. 

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