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BOSS DS-1 or MXR Prime?

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Thinking about buying a cheap distortion pedal. I don't have the funds for any sort of boutique pedal, so I am eyeing the MXR Prime (sold mostly thru Guitar Centers and I think Musicians Friend in U.S.) and the venerable BOSS DS-1. Both run about $50. I'm probably going to check them out at Guitar Center this weekend if they have them. Any thoughts on either of them? Comparisons?

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i have had.... 6 or so ds-1's i modded one of them keeley style, they are ok for you average distortion, but they leave alot to be desired.  altho, i keep buying them and then 6 months later selling them. i haven't any experience with the mxr you speak of tho.

joyo makes some good "cheap" dirt boxes so you may want to try a few of those out as well. and i have heard good things about mooertone.

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I ended up buying a TC Electronics Mojomojo pedal. A different animal than the pedals I was asking about for sure, more of an overdrive, but my local GC has them on Clearance for $50 and I couldn't resist. I've been kind of BOSS fan for a quite a while but then I recently picked up a TC Electronics Nova Delay, which I've really been impressed with. I'm liking TC Electronics even more now. The Mojomojo is just great, fat, warm, articulate, responsive to picking dynamics and volume pot. A week later (yesterday), I picked up a used TC Electronics Rottweiler distortion pedal from GC. This one is clearly for thrash and extreme metal, it has ridiculous amounts of gain...and is super noisy- unusable with single coil pickups- but, gain-wise, cleans up nicely (in a clear and usable way) with lowering the guitar volume pot even better than the Mojomojo. For the gluttonous amount of gain, it still remains clear and articulate. I may eventually pick up a TC Dark Matter, which seems to be their middle part of the Mojo-DarkMatter-Rottweiler trilogy.

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