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Which pots fit the holes in the bridgeplate ?

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righto, glad it worked out for you. its a cheap trick, but to solve pretty much all of my grounding woes with my jag-stang(same setup as the mustang) i just took the snip from a high e string and shoved it under the bridge plate to the control plate grounding both. its a cheaters way, but its relatively hidden since the plates almost touch anyway, and the guard is right there to sneak the string under.

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I've read about that grounding trick once but completely forgot it.
Thanks for reminding me about it :)
So you just go from solder on a pot -> between body and the control plate -> between body and bridge plate ?
Thanks again

Edit: Tried it with a string under the bridge en controlplate but didn't solve the problem...
Checked every connection...driving me crazy.
If I can't find it I'm gonna order new switches and pots and rewire the whole thing...(in hope that 'll help)

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