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swapping preamps tube for less gain

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I am considering buying a Randall RD1C, 1 watt tube combo amp with an effects loop and speaker emulated line output. I like it for the F/X loop, low watts, and the XLR speaker emulated output, but this amp is way gainy with almost no clean headroom, and I need more clean. The only review on youtube (for the head) has it starting to breakup with the volume at 4. So I'm thinking maybe I could swap out the 12AX7 preamp tubes for 12AT7 or 12AU7 tubes and hopefully get a little more headroom out of the preamp. Anyone that has done this on other amps, does the idea sound reasonable or is it hopeless since the amps is so obviously intended for distortion only.


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Randall has always kind of leaned more for the heavier players but I have Randall RT100 which is a 100w tube amp and it has reall nice cleans with a switch for a brighter clean option then it has a classic overdrive and a modern I love it they come in 50w too. It's a very versatile head paired with my 1960a cab its a dream.

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