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Kurt Cobain Rig

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I read that Kurt Cobain used a Mesa Boogie Studio preamp and a Crown Power Amp (as shown in the photos below)


I was wonder what the other gear in the racking was?


The unit above the power amp looks to be Marshall.


The top unit looks like a video cassette recorder :)


There is also something on top of the flight case in one of the photos.





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During the Nevermind tour, they tried different configurations with the Mesa Pre Amp. They were trying to find a power amps that would die. They ended up with Crest 4801 power amps. This became his set up for the latter of the Nevermind tour, and the entire In Utero tour. 4-8 Marshall cabs with either greenbacks or vintage 30s. The Marshall logos and the white piping were taped over using gaffers tape.

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