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Need some help with pickups please?

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So I'm getting this Mustang copy and the only thing that I don't like about it is the pickups. They're thin, quiet, and very noisy. For the bridge pickup I was looking at trying a DiMarzio Super Distortion. Would it be worth it to get the full sized humbucker version and rout the body, or is the single coil sized Super Distortion S close enough to the full size that it would just be simpler to install? For the neck I was looking at something with a little unusual, this : 



Would this be an alright neck pickup? i was planning on 500k or 1meg pots to go with these as well. Any help with this is greatly appreciated :)


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Why buy this guitar? Is it so fantastic in every other way that you'll sink an additional $150 USD or more into it to make it, what, a decent hot rod?


Of course if it's your version of guitar fun right now, then enjoy... :wink::razz::roll:

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