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Jazzmaster work, mix and match pickups, opinions needed

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I'm in a band that plays a lot in both Boston and NY, and I'm known for playing a fender Smartest. My Smartest has Seymour Duncan quarter pound pickups in the neck and bridge

Was recently on the novak site for pickups and was looking into the idea of maybe getting from them or another source putting a humbucker fit for the jazzmaster into the neck postion. My band messes with quiets and loud and time can get hot and feedbacky, very high energy, and for a long time now I've wanted to put a humbucker into the bridge and now I'm finally deciding to do it


any opinions on who I should acquire the humbucker for the bridge?

any opinions on keeping the seymour duncan quarter pound for the neck or maybe there's a combination that would balance out the humbucker bridge? something that keeps me in the realm of the jazzmaster?

maybe I'm looking for pickups sold directly by fender instead?


any experience for others who have made modes on their jazzmaster would be of great help. Again, we play out a lot and are planning on recording again, so I'm not a sit at home guitars, not that there's anything wrong with that, I just can't get too experimental both with time and money, can't have the jazzmaster on the sidelines too long, you know?


ANY HELP AND ADVICE would be greatly appreciated

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I've heard that MojoTone makes really good custom pickups. I've thought about putting a hum bucker into a jazz master cover, from what i've seen they're not too expensive. 




This seems really cheap for a custom pick that's why i'm kinda iffy about it. Curtis also makes, a Wide Range Humbucker and a PAF in a Jazzmaster cover




And i've also heard very good things about Lollar P-90's, i think these are good substitute for hum buckers, no routing and they just drop right in. 




Happy Hunting!

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