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I'm in love with my Zoom R24. Thing puts out great quality, and plus it has some rad built in preamps inside of it, so you dont really need to mic an amp unless you want to.

Thats why i use that usb-1/4'' cable that comes with rocksmith, can go direct input from the guitar or plug it into the effects loop, and then just eq it in acid with guitar rig. thats how I recorded this track.


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What kind of budget are you trying to work with? You can usually buy an interface that comes with Pro Tools SE for $100-$200. Pro Tools comes with more than enough stock sounds to be able to record direct. Won't sound spectacular, but its bearable. Down the line you can look at getting plug ins that allow different options for drum tones, guitar tones, eqs, etc. 

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My setup is this



Home Built Pentium-D  3.40GHz PC with 4GB of RAM, 1TB HDD, DVD-RW Burner, and Rocketfish (Cheapo Closeout SoundBlaster Audigy) PCI Sound CArd with HARDWARE LOOPBACK


Hardware LOOPBACK is important, and you will have to look for older PCI Sound Cards in order to use it, unless you want to invest in a Firewire or USB Recording Interface.  The RIAA and MPAA Forced the sound card manufacturers and the O/S makers to remove "HArdware Loopback" and Hardware Input Monitoring to force people to stop "Pirating".....total B.S. I know.  THe only other option is to spend some more dough on something like an mAudio card designed for recording.



Reaper 64-bit, I use it because it has a great software metronome that does not mean recording some kind of crazy click track first.


Chain of SOund


GUITAR->Behringer V-AMP Pro w/ Behringer Virtualizer Pro 204P in the Stereo Effects Loop->Line-In on Roland Juno Di Synth->Headphone out on Roland to SOund Card Line-In->PC->Pair of old Radio Shack "Aviator" Headphones.

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