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Need help identifying guitar. teisco?

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That looks to be a Guyatone built late 60's/early 70's at newest Japanese guitar of some sort.  They were sold under a TON of different names like Goya, HyLo, Guyatone, Sears Roebuck & Co. Teisco Del Ray,Ibanez, Harmony, Silvertone, Zenta, Dana, and a sea of other badge names.


Typically, Japanese guitars are designed by the corporate brand name and then contracted out to places like Fujigen Gakki, Ikkebe Gakki, Matsomoku, or back in the day, Guyatone for manufacture.


As for the correct bridge, might want to check some of those badge made brands, or a Harmony H-801/802/804/2182/2183/2184 (those were the longest run Guyatone design, going over 40 years ending production sometime in 2007-2008ish, I think Guyatone's gear was moved to China, Korea, Indonesia, or India at some point).  Those bridges would work, it's basically just a metal bar with 1-3 notches cut into it and curved to match the fretboard radius of the guitar.   Typically, I just swap those out with a TOM, Mustang, or Roller Tune-O-Matic style bridge depending on weather it has a trem and what bridge it originally had (and/or what's most economical).


Looks like it has a trem unit of some kind on it, so might be a good idea to see if you could find the bridge assembly from one of those GUyatone made Telecaster copys from that time peried, just a threaded metal bar with bearings screwed on it for bridge saddles, a bit like a poor man's version of the old Gretsch roller bridges.

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