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Dear all


Please help me, ive exhausted the internet for an answer to this question but to no avail.


I have a Fender Jagstang (obviously) and a Texas Special in the Neck and Seymour Duncan JB in Bridge but im getting TERRIBLE earthing sounds even when I touch the guitar or a metal part, so ive decided im going to re-wire her from scratch and get some decent guitar cable to do so.


The Jagstang Schematic diagram on this site is as much use as a chocolate teapot, fancy doing the schematic upside down from the top up when everybody who does wiring would need it from the perspective of looking at it. Very backward...but cant fault the effort.


Secondly I found another schematic on this site which shows how to wire the guitar where one switch does the pickups and another does other things (which I dont want it to do).




1 of the two switches ONLY to work (preferably the humbucker switch)

0-- = Neck only

-0- = Both Pickups

--0 = Bridge only


-I dont want or need an on/off switch


Now is this too much to ask? If somebody can advise me as to how I can achieve this ill be forever indebted to you. I need a clear concise diagram please, This includes the earthing/grounding....basically everything.


I was always taught that when doing a guide or diagram, make it easy for an alien to understand, well I am that alien and am in need of an alien proof diagram.


Thank you so much.


Peace, Love, Empathy



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Thanks for your responses. Mad Mike thanks but im not exactly sure what your answering there? JBIZ, as stated in my original post, I dont want a switch doing random things such as tone, vol & tone etc. I dont need anything that complicated! I just want a simple one 3 way switch. Neck - Both - Bridge with the Vol knob affecting both pickups and Tone control affecting both pickups. 


Maybe if I give you a reason why I need this it will help.


When I play with for e.g a strat, I switch between pickups during solos. I cant do this with my JS as if I am using the neck only, then want the bridge only, I have to switch the neck switch then the bridge switch which means dealing with two switches. I need one switch where I can slide the switch down to bridge position and hey presto......


The lack of responses show this may not be possible and two switches are mandatory in the working operation of the guitar. I have to say my love for the jagstang has seriously waned because of these issues im asking support for. 



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I'm trying to do the same with my jagstang currently. Within a week or so I have a friend who is going to help me wire up my JS with a 1 slide switch-to-toggle modification. I will see if I can get him to put together a wiring diagram of this when he is done, provided it is successful of course!

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