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Fellow forum user from Years back returns with a question

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Hey guys, not sure how much this site has changed in the last 4 years. I used to post here under the name "tylerfender". I've encountered a few problems with my jag-stang and need advice as to what may be the problem and how to fix them. The input jack buzzes if the guitar cable isn't in a certain way, and I have to twist the cable inside the jack until it stops buzzing and picks up sound. The cord also HAS to be wrapped around the strap first, I can't just plug it in and let it hang cause it won't work at all like that, not even with a brand new cord. Also, my humbucker 3-way switch seems to have bugged out in the bridge position. The other 2 positions on the switch work fine but when its on the position closest to the bridge, it only picks up a very faint sound from my pickup. Should I buy a new jack and switch?

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Issue1# - Sounds like you have a bad output jack or a short somewhere.  Output jacks do wear out after a long time of hard use.  Another thing to check for is maybe a wire was frayed on the I/O wires or one of the lugs on the output jack are touching the ground paint inside the cavity when a jack is plugged in, and running the cable through the strap cable acts as a "tensioner" for the cable, causing the jack to pull away from whatever it's shorting out on.  Might help to bend some solder lugs and/or reposition the jack.  It could also just be a solder joint that has gone bad as well.


Sometimes I also find the individual strands of wire inside the wire used to wire guitars can get "stray" and cause shorts.  Not sure why this happens, but sometimes it does.  Helps to have a magnifying glass to find these issues.


#2 - Definitely sounds like a bad switch, a common problem with Jag-Stang and Mustangs, especially with the original switches used in them.  Those too can wear out.  The faint sound sounds like either one of the sliding contacts inside the switch is no longer "jumpering" the 2 contacts it touches (or frozen in one spot), or you have a short that has developed on a part of the switch assembly either from a failing switch or maybe a lug came loose (they sometimes do) and is touching the shielding paint.

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