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Hey all, my first post here. A couple of days ago I picked up a 1965 Mustang (neck date Oct 65), my first Mustang and I love everything about it, but I do have a couple of questions...

First off, the tuners are Kluson Deluxe with metal peg knobs (not plastic), these are the ones with "Kluson Deluxe" written on the back, side by side verticle lines. They look like they are original on the guitar, old and pitted,I know these are era correct, I have the same ones on my 1965 Gibson, however from what I've read they're not correct for this guitar (should be plastic peg knobs). Did Fender sometimes use these instead? I don't see any evidence that they've been replaced?

Next, bridge pickup seems to be correct, 2 cloth wires one black one white, gray bottom, but the neck I'm not sure about, it still has gray bottom but wire colours are yellow and red. They both have the non pertruding pole black covers that seem to be identical and correct. Could it be a replacement or a rewind?

Third, it has the correct "Pat Pend" bridge, but it is missing the trem arm. Are these the same as a Strat, or specific to this guitar? Will a Strat one work?

Other than that the nut has been changed to brass, probably a long time ago (looks old).

Pots are original.

One switch is dead and bypassed, it's wired with one switch to "back" and "front" settings only, no "both on", no phase options. Any good replacement switches? I'd like to rewire to original speck.

The neck plate is not original (no serial number), and the body has been refinished to natural wood colour, but I see evidence of Blue in the caveties. The refinish looks to be very old.

When I got it it had rusty bullet type strings that look like they've been on there forever. The original case is in very good condition (considering the age).

Certanly not a collector grade, but for sure a very good player.

Thanks for any help.


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I think the mustang trem arm is the same as the jags, unthreaded, any pics? Sounds like a nice buy regardless of any changes from stock.

I'll have to source out the correct one. Are the reissue arms the same?

I haven't been able to figure out how to post pics using my Iphone, I'll have to do it on my PC when I get home from vacation.

I'm thinking of refinishing it in it's original blue. The refinish "natural " job done on it doesn't look very good

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No, the reissue trem arms are not the same. You'll have to do a Google search for the correct replacement. You don't need an actual 1965 vintage Mustang trem arm...I found one that fit my 1965 Mustang by slogging through the old parts bins at a guitar repair shop.


I doubt your tuners are original. The originals are white plastic as you've guessed.


Regarding your switch, yes, do get that working as designed. It's a great tonal option with the Mustang. Have a highly recommended tech with vintage guitar experience do the work. Don't trust it to a good all-around guitar tech who may know "short cuts" that you don't want done to your vintage baby.

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