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My Jagmaster has been decapitated!


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Hi all.  I'm new to the forum, but after perusing for a couple of days, I'm thinking this is my best chance of getting an answer to my question.  The setup: I used to own a Squier Vista Series Jagmaster from the late nineties.  I actually still own most of it.  While it was in the possession of a friend of mine it suffered a fatal accident and the neck was obliterated.  At the time I wasn't using it much, so while I was mad, I didn't do anything with it other than hang on to the remaining pieces.  Now I'm wanting to get it back in playing condition.  I have everything but the neck, all stock.  I know that this version of the Jagmaster had a 24 inch neck, not the Strat length, or the conversion neck on the more recent models.  Now to my question... What neck can I put on this thing?  Will it accept a 24 inch neck from one of Fender's other models?  Thanks for any information anyone has!

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Just throwing some details out there


The closest neck to the original would be, as it very likely would share a neck with these models....


MIJ Fender Jaguar

MIJ Fender Jag-Stang

MIJ Fender Mustang

Vista Super Sonic

Vista Jagmaster

Vista Musicmaster


Warmoth makes replacement necks in that scale, so does USACG and Muskcraft.


The neck has to be a 22 Fret, 24" Scale Neck, 21 Fret 24" Scale necks won't work (usually) as they will be a 25.5" Scale Conversion Neck to convert a guitar setup for a 25.5" Scale neck to 24".  The only guitars I am aware of with this style of neck are the later Squier Jagmasters (ie Road Modified series I believe), and the Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic.  The Vista Jagmasters  (and the other VIsta series guitars) were made at the Fujigen Gakki Plant in Japan same as the Jag-Stang/62. R.I. Jaguar/62' R.I. Jazzmaster/69' R.I. Mustangs

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Mike, since 2007 the jagmasters have had 21 fret 24'' necks, so I'm sure that'd fit just fine.


Actually, they won't fit because the spacing from the heel to the bridge is not right.


What happened with the Jagmasters was they were reissued in the early 2000's as a 25.5" Scale guitar.  Around 2006-2007ish, Squier/Fender decided to return them to 24" Scale.  Rather than retool the entire line to make a completley different body and neck, they decided just to make a "Conversion neck" for the old body, and that allowed them to make a 24" Scale Jagmaster using the old 25.5" Scale body.


Ever notice how the newer 24"Scale ones have less empty surface area behind the bridge compared to the old late 90's Squier Vista line?  That's why, they are 25.5" Scale bodies.  I know this as I have a 24" Scale Jagmaster I put a 25.5" Scale neck on.







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Hey all! I can't believe I forgot to respond to this, but I put a Squier MI Indonesia Jaguar neck on the guitar, set it up, and it plays wonderfully! The intonation is perfect and the action is just how I like it. I think next I'll shield the cavities since it's a bit noisy. Thanks for all the help!

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      I'm also contemplating changing the tuning pegs to Grovers and all the chrome hardware to a gold colour (it has gold straplocks and the colours matched pretty good)
      I'd also be pretty interested in a red/black burst or something.
      I'll put some pictures up when I get it back!
      now its your go
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