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Hello, I recently bought a  jazzmaster to find it has a crack near the neck o the body. I called the shop, and was then rudely dismissed... I was hoping to get some outside opinion on the severity of the crack, and whether or not it will be a problem in the future. (And hopefully some tips to touch it up) 


This is a picture of the culprit, I've removed the neck and backplate, and it doesn't reach any further than what is shown. I've had it two months and have used it every day without it growing in size, so I'm praying it's just the finish.








Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you

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It can vary.  Looking at it, it could just be the finish cracked and has bent a bit.


I would not worry about it unless it's causing neck-shift issues, then that indicates there might be loose wood.  The only way to fix is to inject glue and to clamp, but that's not something to attempt unless you are comfortable with it.


Given the looks of it, I'd just let it be.  Many of my guitars have cracks like that, It seems 90% of the time, the crack is just in the finish, not in the wood.  Tends to happen a lot to lighter woods like Basswood (which my Jag-Stang, Bass VI, and your Jazzmaster are made of).

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Mad Mike is right on...probably the finish, or a minor crack if it is the wood.


I'm a bit more conservative though...if it were mine, I'd take it to a reputable luthier and get an evaluation. I wouldn't risk it suddenly breaking clean through. Which would mean a more complex and costly repair.

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