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Buy a Jagstang or twin reverb?

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Not much of a question, but I want to know what you guys think I should do?
Currently I have a Fender Frontman 212r and a Fender Mustang, Eastwood hi flier and a modded Squier strat.

I have a choice, Fender Jagstang (Sonic blue RI) for $500 or I save a bit more and buy a Fender Twin Reverb amp
Jagstangs are very hard to come by in Australia, and this is good cheap opportunity for one.
What do you think?

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If you're set on the JAg-Stang, I'd get that because it'll be harder to come by in the future.  Fender has been making the Twin Reverb without repent for decades now and it's a very popular amplifier so it'd be easy to get your hands on one after the fact.  That's just what I've learned in my experience of gear buying.

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