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Should I buy another mustang?

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What do you mean the neck is warped? If the neck just needs adjusted on the tele, I'd get that if I were you, simply for variety.

Can I ask you how you have your Mustang modded? I have/love the same model (one of the most recent pics in the pics thread). I really dig the stock pups but I've thought about putting a more versatile pup in the bridge. But I don't wanna screw with the Mustang mojo.

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Depending on what you mean by Neck Warpage,  I'd stay away from the Tele.  If it just has a lot of backbow or forward bow and the truss rod works, it's probably just misadjusted, but if looking down the neck looks like a railroad track on a collapsing bridge, then you're in for some trouble.

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