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Anyone have Soundcloud accounts? i have one where i post random covers i play when im jamming, nothing too spectacular... ill be sitting around bored listening to a band, say i want to play that song and record it after acouple tries. Probably not the best technique but meh. Most of the songs are recorded with my Galaxy S4 which has surprisingly good sound quality. 


P.S. if you listen to my D7 cover please forgive my horrible Mark Arm-esque is he was sick... "AHHHHHS!"


Here's my link: https://soundcloud.com/travisbishop-1


Also have my old bands page (we messed up timing on Anuerysm it was my drummers going away party (he joined the Navy) and we were all pretty drunk lol (only song i sing in this band)) : https://soundcloud.com/rcjumpingtacos


Look forward to listening to everyones stuff

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Here's the one for the band I'm in, Zombie Jihad, we just recorded a new album and released it 2 weeks ago called "Seeing Demons".  Here's our SoundCloud though there's not much on it - https://soundcloud.com/zombie_jihad


Here's my solo one, which I'm throwing some of my old material up on but will be re-recording/re-releasing some of that old material in a more current-era (for me) context just for fun -


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