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what is my mustang?


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Hi I'm mike I just bought a mustang yesterday I have researched the date code and it says Its a 1963

It was a one owner guitar it has had a couple of changes back in the 70s but sounds fantastic.

My question is how come I cannot find any info on a 63 mustang I went to 3 shops today all agree its a 63

but only have prices and sales history on 64 and on.

In fact I can't find any mention of a 63 except on fenders look up site and its suggested its the first year for the mustang is that right?

What is it worth in normal 52 year old shape in original case? I had 3 very different appraisals

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Could be an early one, or maybe it's utilizing a Jaguar neck, since Mustangs and Jaguars are 24" scale, there is a possibility that Fender used a 63' Jaguar neck on it if it's an early one.  I read on Mr. Maxima's Mustang pages that the Mustang was, in a way, built using whatever they could at times to keep up with demand as it's/it was a student guitar.

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