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Hello, my name is Derek and I've never posted to any forum before this so I'm sorry if I don't know the proper way to do this.

I found this guitar in a local pawn shop for $50 and the tag claimed it was a fender Jaguar. I knew it wasn't but it looked kinda like a mustang and was dirt cheap so I bought it. There is no info on the headstock and the neck plate has the fender logo with s/n 146774.

I will attempt to post a picture:


And the neck plate:


I plan on using this for my next project and any input would be greatly appreciated. Leave finish original, wiring ideas, should I try to restore it to factory, etc

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Welcome to the forum, I'd say to take off the neck and see if there is a fender stamp and a serial number on it. Most likely it's a copy. It might just have a replacement neck. I'm no expert but most of the guys on here know their ####, hopefully you get an answer from one of them.

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Wow! Cool find. It may be a Musicmaster body..


Looks like it's been routed a lot so that may even be hard to tell. If it's not routed too much then the stock body for a mustang would have routes above the pickup cavities to allow for those sliding switches. Plus a mustang body (with the floating bridge) would have the deep angled slots under the bridge location to hold the vibrato springs.

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I finally got a day off work and took the mystery guitar apart and this is what I found:


It looks to me like a mustang body but I could be wrong.

This is what was stamped on the otherwise blank neck:


I've seen pictures of real fender necks with markings llike this. Do you think it could be a real fender mustang?

Even if not the SD neck humbucker is likely worth the $50 I paid for the guitar.

Also, looking for ANY input as to what to do with it. Total refinish, modern electronics, restore to factory, etc

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Yes the neck stamp looks authentic. However, the routes in the lower part of the body are not consistent with mustang bodies .. nor the routes around the bridge area. Also you can see it originally had 2 single coils.


Most bronco and musicmaster bodies I've seen also don't have that lower route. And the duosonic has a small route down from the neck pickup cavity for the switch in that area. So can't even guess that it would be one of those.


I'll put your image up on our facebook page and see if anyone can help ID the body.


Here's what mustang body routes generally look like. There are always exceptions and this one has the area enlarged for a humbucker in the bridge.


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Looks to me to be either a heavily modified Mustang body, or a Musicmaster/Duo-II body that had some other weird bridge combinations in it's lifetime.  My 71' Musicmaster started life in almost the exact same configuration (except 70's guard) - seems the Grunge era brought about a lot of Mustang/Duo/Master guitars with humbuckers and Strat tailpieces, except mine was string through body.

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