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Pickups on the jagstang

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I've got an original issue Jagstang and really happy with it overall.


2 questions i have:


- i want to replace the single coil as it's not that great.  any suggestions for a single coil that suits the guitar?


- i love the song of the humbucker.  i'm not sure why others don;t like it as i seem to be able to get a really big rock and metal tone out of it with my Blackstar metal HT5.  Can anyone tell me what sort of humbucker it is.  I'd like to put one in a Jaguar Special HH MIM that i just got.  It's a lovely guitar but the humbucker sounds are too muddy for my liking.  I'd like to keep one of the originals and replace the other with a jagstang humbucker so i can get a big variety in tone.  I've heard that most people want to change the humbucker in the jagstang and i never know why.  Although, if you're got another suggestion for a humbucker for the Jaguar HH i'd be happy to hear about it



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The Bridge Humbucker that came stock in the Jag-Stang was a inexpensive recreation of the DiMarzio H3 put in Kurt's original.  That pickup is very close to the DiMarzio EVO (evolution) pickup Steve Vai uses in spec or so I've been told, which is odd because the stock Jag-Stang humbuckers are nowhere in the ballpark (7.16K ohms resisitance versus around 14K resistance - which is what my EMG 81 has).  Chances are someone could have upgraded the pickup with one that looks very similar.  The only way to know is to pull the pickguard and see what labels (if any) on the bottom of the pickup are.


They also may have changed this for the reissues, I have very limited experience with those.

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Isn't a Dimarzio H3 a stacked Strat style single coil voiced humbucker style pickup like what Yngwie Malmsteen used back in the day? I don't think it was a traditional style humbucker like what you find on a Jag-Stang? I always thought the Jag-Stang used a Dimarzio Super Distortion or Duncan JB clone? Aren't those what Kur Cobain used in his Jaguar and Jag-Stang?

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Isn't a Dimarzio H3 a stacked Strat style single coil voiced humbucker style pickup like what Yngwie Malmsteen used back in the day? I don't think it was a traditional style humbucker like what you find on a Jag-Stang? I always thought the Jag-Stang used a Dimarzio Super Distortion or Duncan JB clone? Aren't those what Kur Cobain used in his Jaguar and Jag-Stang?

Kurt had a JB put into his, but it came with an h3, there's an article on the site about it. Here is the link http://www.jag-stang.com/faq/general/info-on-the-dimarzio-h3-or-h8/

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You are correct! I was mixing up your reference to the H3 pickups with the old DiMarzio HS-3 Yngwie Malmsteen PUPs. Malmsteen jumped ship to Duncans years ago, so I kind of forgot the exact model number. It was the only Dimarzio pup that I could think of that starts with an "H". I had never heard of the H3 until you provided that link...thanks!

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    • By taoubt
      Several years ago I posted about how I was kind of disappointed in my Jag-stang. The output seemed kind of weak, the intonation wasn't great and the wolf tones on the low E string around the 12th fret were horrible. I recently decided to just see what I could do with it. I was nervous to mod it, since I really wanted to keep all the original parts. So, I decided to just do a full swap of the electronics, pickguard included. While it still has some issues that I haven't been able to figure out, swapping out the pickups was by far the best decision I've made in terms of upgrading. The intonation is still a bit rough, but seems better with the right gauge strings. I've tried different strings, but I mostly used to play with the Slinky Hybrid strings and they just don't seem right for this guitar. Now I'm just using a standard set of 10's and it feels much better. I considered a new bridge, but for right now I'm pretty happy with it, so I'll save that for later (if needed).
      For the pickups I decided on a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 for the bridge position and a custom shop Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates (strat sized) for the neck.
      I went with a tortoise shell pickguard that came with copper shielding. I then shielded the entire cavity with copper tape. I got new 3-way slide switches, new output jack (pure tone multi-contact to keep a tight fit), new push-pull pots and added a metric toggle switch for pickup selection. To add the pickup selector switch, I got a custom control plate with 4 holes; one for the toggle, two for the pots and the last for the output jack.
      The Mustang/Jag-Stang pickup selection method never seemed ideal to me, so that's one of the reasons I added the toggle switch. The bigger reason, though, is that I wanted to use the 3-way slider switches for series/parallel/coil split control for both bridge and neck pickups.
      The push-pull pots add even more versatility with a phase flip for the neck pickup by pulling the volume pot and a master parallel/series control by pulling the tone pot.
      This gives a crazy number of combinations for a wide range of tones. All in all, I believe it's something like 42 options. The bridge pickup is great for heavy stuff in the series humbucker mode. The neck Is a bit boomy and dark in series humbucker mode, so I usually either run it in parallel or split. But my favorite sounds involve both pickups being on in different configurations (coil split/parallel, etc). The master series switch is really only useful in a few cases, in my opinion, like with both pickups in coil split mode. The phase flip offers some really interesting tones, too, and it can really vary based on the selected mode of the pickups.
      The main thing I think I would have done differently if I were to redo this project would be 500K pots, since I just went with 250K ones without really thinking about it. I feel like some combos are a bit too dark and having 500K pots would give more room for that top end to shine. You can always roll it off with the tone knob, but you can't add it in. 😕
      All in all, the build took a little time, because I wanted to tread carefully and make sure the wiring was all going to work properly. I had to sort of piece together bits of schematics from different sites. I also found it a bit difficult to manage the wiring since the Jag-Stang body cavity is so limited on space. I initially wanted to turn the bridge pickup to have it parallel with the strings, rather than angled. But I really didn't want to dig into the body of the guitar. As it is, I have all the original electronics mostly still together on the original pickguard and control plate. I'm pretty happy that the look of the guitar isn't too radically different from the original and I didn't have to modify any original parts.
      If anyone is interested in the schematics, I could probably draw that up. I never put together a full document, as I just worked in pieces, hand-drawing the wiring for sections. Let me know what you think!
      Before                                                                                                                                                 After
      These images were taken many years apart with drastically different lighting. I tried to color correct a bit without going too crazy. I think the "after" image is closer to the true color, but it definitely looks different depending on the light. The warmer the light, the more it brings out the greenish tint in the paint.
      Here are some images before the rewiring process:

      And here are some during the rewiring process:

    • By Highanddry
      Hi, so I’m a wiring noob and needing some help with the wiring I have in mind. I’m upgrading both pups in my JS. In the bridge I’m putting in a Seymour Duncan P-Rails, and in the neck a Lace Chrome Dome (or DiMarzio Area 67). (Two slide switches and Tone and Vol.)
      What I want to be able to do if possible is wire the neck switch to toggle between the neck/neck+bridge(parallel)/bridge. The bridge switch I want to wire to split the p-rails, rail/humbucker(series)/p-90.
      So, what I need is a diagram if possible and some advice about the switches. I assume i’ll need two 3-way on/on/on slide switches?
      Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • By citizenkane
      Hi! I'm new to Jaguar, and I need some help.
      I've found Fender Jaguar special USA replacement pickups set for sale on a Polish site simmilar to craiglist.
      I'm not sure about authenticity of this pickups, and the fact that it's rather cheap makes me suspicious.
      Can anyone help me judge it's credibility just by the way it looks?


      Thank's a lot in advance!
    • By Degiones
      I want my SSS Strat to sound more like a jaguar as I'm lefty and can't afford a Kurt Cobain Jaguar. Any advices? 
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