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Which Jazzmaster?

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Haven't posted here in ages but I need some help :)


So I am looking to buy a Jazzmaster and I am not sure which one to get.  I want one with single coils and was considering the J Mascis Squier one and Classic Player one.  While I know the Squier sounds good what I am worried about is the feel...I tried the new Squier Jazzmaster and while it sounded lovely and played well it felt quite flimsy.  I like that weight that the better priced fenders have.


Money is not really an issue (while it would be nice to save some money I don'd mind spending if it means a better guitar) and I need a guitar that would not need to be upgraded in a few years time.  Both of them seem to fit the sound that I am aiming for.  Which one should I go for?  

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For a few sheckels more, try either the American Vintage series Jazzmaster, or for even a few more $$, try a Custom Shop Relic Jazzmaster. I have a Stratocaster in each of those catagories and I love the instruments! The Strat is a '59 reissue, very accurate to 1959 specs. The Custom shop Strat is a 1960, and it doesn't need any modifications. I have owned it 3 years, play on a cruise ship, and this guitar turns heads and is so very versatile it fits everything I need to do.

Oh, you did ask about Jazzmaster, didn't you? Check out the American Vintage series and if not, then the Custom Shop series.

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