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Is it worth it?

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http://www.ibanez.co.jp/world/products/ ... e/vbg.html

The ibanez Valbee

Has any tried it out yet? if so, then how does it sound (well kickass obviously, but i mean can it be reasonable LOUD?). I now own a marshall MG30DFX but its WAY too loud...my volume is like...always on 1 out of 10. So i was thinking of selling my MG and get the Valbee. Also i heard that the distortion channel on the Valbee is WAY too low...will effectpedals set that straight?

This just looks like a kickass amp, and i like it because of its size...(comes in handy when i want to gig at a friends, i would be able to put it in my backpack...unlike the MG30DFX x_X)

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p.s. i hear you on the loudness thing - bough a 100W Marshall Valvestate VS100 super cheap off Ebay, cos i wanted that Marshall crunch and 3 channels.

Lucky it has this power dimention switch that cuts the output down to 40W, but even then i can't turn it up past about 2, and it sounds like #### on low volume :((

that's why i got a microcube - awesome amp for simple practise, and the lead channels sound so good i almost took it to my bands gig once (it's tiny!)

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btw, whats the big difference between Active and (i guess) Passieve EQ's?

simply really..the EQ controls on your regular Marshall/Fender type amps work by CUTTING bass, mids and treble out of the mix.

The raw guitar sound comes through when you have all 3 EQ controls on 10. So if you have all three EQ knobs on 5, then boost your mids you're not really boosting them, you're just cutting less out. *

The whole passive system of cutting stuff out means you lose presence, dynamics, rawness of guitar sound. Plus you can;t add frequences that arent already there. With active EQ you're really boosting those frequencies up, so they cut through better and you have more control over them. Bit like why bass players like their active basses with onboard EQ.

* i've simplifed it a little bit..Fender and marshall amps work slightly differently when it comes to how the EQs work.

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i see, thanks :-D

And what is the Standbyswitch?? Do you have to active it first to let the tubes warm up a little and then turn the powerswitch on?

Or does it do what it says, when taking a break you have to activate the standby switch?

it's confusing >__<

standby switch cuts power to the speaker but keeps power flowing through the tube. All good tube amps have em. powerswitch cuts power to everything, so that has to be on all the time you're using it.

You don't have to put it in standby before you play, but it will take a few minutes for your guitar sound to become nice and warm if you turn it on from a cold start.

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Leave it on standby to warm up for at least 5 minutes. Flicking both switches on from cold will put strain on your tubes and shorten the tube life. In a worst case scenario, it could take out your mains transformer. It'll also sound a lot better once warmed up.

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