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Restoring a 1995 Jag-Stang, Need some help

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Hey All


I'm going to restore a Jagstang I just picked up. It's been stripped and stained brown. Original was the fiesta red but I think I'm leaning towards the sonic blue.


Whats everyones thought on color?


Is there a good online store to get the skirted knobs?


What trem arm do I need?



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not that my opinion matters but my thoughts on color: Why "restore" when you can have some fun with it? If you are a kurt follower and have read his "notes" he was partial to a '60's blue/green for the guitar and the sonic blue and fiesta red were actually fender's choices. If you don't care for that, I think anything in the 60's color palette is fair game. I am probably going to repaint my project jag-stang Ocean Turquoise or dark teal, but I have always wondered what one looked like in firemist gold or canary yellow. It's a "retro" 60's hybrid guitar before such a thing was popular so anything you do that's in that same vein is in the spirit of the instrument. cue the purists to burn me at the stake. 


if you want to see the body in other colors sometimes warmoth has painted bodies in their inventory so you can see the shape in a different color:



I think it takes the same trem arm as the reissue mustangs. My later reissue fiesta red jag stang uses the same dynamic vibrato and trem arm as my recent mustang project.  

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