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What are the Jag-Stang and KC Mustang Bridge Radiuses?

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Hi there, folks! 


I'm working on sussing out a NOS Re-Issue Jag-Stang from MIRC I just got in. The story on this crazy find will follow with photos etc. in a future post.


For now, I noticed there are some specs that are difficult to come across and I'm hoping this post is a start in changing that.


1. What is the Radius of the Jag-Stang Bridge? Is it simply a Mustang Bridge? We know the neck is 7.25" but I'd like to have on record whether the Jag-Stang's stock bridge is 7.25" like a Mustang or 9.5" like a Jaguar/Jazzmaster.


2. What is the Radius of the Adjust-O-Matic bridge on the current production Fender Kurt Cobain Mustang? We know Kurt's actual Mustangs they based this off of had TOMs that did not match the 7.25" radius of the neck. So, for this production recreation, is the AOM's radius 7.25", 9.5," or the 12"?


Thanks everyone!

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Jag-Stang bridges are 7.16" Fretboard radius, same as the vintage Mustang.


Adjust-O-Matic guitars are all 9.5" Radius.  I don't think Fender used a 12" Radius on the Cobain guitars, or any for that matter.


Actually, an interesting fact about the Cobain guitars - both Kurt's actual guitars and the signature models, is the string height adjustment.  When Kurt's guitars were setup for the Gotoh Tune-O-Matic, I'm pretty sure Ernie Bailey might have filed the saddles so that it matches the radius.   Most of those gotoh tune-o-matics come without slots cut in the saddles - I know because I've installed quite a few on Harmony H-804s before (which have varying fretboard radiuses due to chintzy build quality), the outer saddles probably needed filed pretty deep, while the middle two were left fairly close to unfiled, probably just a notch to hold the string in and nothing more.


The Cobain Mustangs - the ones in the store - have a purpose-made 9.5" Radius neck, same as the one found on the Jaguar HH Special actually, which has been available since 1998 and utilizes a similar adjust-o-matic bridge.  I owned a Jaguar HH special about 8 years ago, I remember noting how low I could get the action on it without choking out on bends on the upper frets, and how much flatter the fingerboard felt, it was because of the radius difference.


As for the Jaguar, that guitar probably DID have a proper fretboard radius to match the bridge, the neck on it was unoriginal.  It originally belonged to Martin Jenner who played with Cliff Richard, and had it's neck replaced in the 80's (reproduction logo, strat-like headstock), and was likely recontoured to follow the Tune-O-Matic bridge that was installed by Jenner or whoever owned the guitar between him and Kurt.  I have played a Cobain Jaguar before, the fretboard does have a flatter radius than a regular Jaguar does.  If that was not the case, then the Tune-O-Matic on it was much easier to file to the radius because it's an ABR-1, which I've also had on a Jaguar before (my 98' CIJ) - the outer two saddles had to be cut through about halfway to match the 7.16" raidus of the CIJ's 62' reissue neck, and 1/3rd of the way through for the A and B strings.

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ABR Gotoh TOMs have notches in the saddles. That's what was used on the Japanese Reissue Mustangs from the In Utero tour. I have a 96 Sonic Blue reissue with the standard 7.25'' radius neck, ABR bridge, tailpiece reversed and locked down. My Fiesta Red one is a Warmoth body, with a 9.5'' radius Mustang Special neck, same bridge set up.(I built these long before Fender started producing them.) I have been in contact with someone who knows Earnie Bailey personally, and has passed along photos from me to him in reference to the setup. Earnie said it was pretty damn close. I swapped the POTS to 500k and put the Jaguar Reissue capacitor in them. Never got around to asking if the POTS were left alone in the tour guitars, like always has been said.

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I bought a used KC Mustang last Winter.  It is MIJ with the 9.5" radius Fender Adjust-O-Matic bridge  The spec on this guitar is a 7.25" fretboard radius, so I assumed that some of the saddle slots would have to be filed down to match the fretboard profile.  I had it set up by an experienced luthier and he did not file the saddles, yet it plays GREAT!  I wonder if Fender files the saddles to match the fretboard radius?  If not, the previous owner must have done so.

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I don't think fender files them and the AOM bridges are not 9.5" radius according to everything I  have ever seen. They are standard Gibson radiused bridges at 12" according to everything I have ever seen. I would be very interested to see any info saying otherwise. As has been mentioned, you could file them but Fender does not AFAIK

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