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Your rig?

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Rig update :

I just got a Boss Rv-3 today !


gahhh i want an rv-3... but need other delay/reverb pedals first...

Hehe... ^^

I already had a Danelectro Corned Beef and an Artec Analog Delay,

I don't think I'm gonna use the Dano a lot now...

Here are some pics.

It came in its clean little box.





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You still got the Blues Jnr?

Stereo rig! Get a Fromel Seraph and enjoy the stereo wonderfulness.

Yeah the "stereo wonderfulness" was already on my mind but I don't know much about the Fromel Seraph (I'm gonna visit my friend google later).

But since I already have my RV-3 with stereo outputs and the Whammy with the dry-wet added outputs how do you think I could get close to his "stereo wondefulness" with my actual rig ? Knowing that I use the Rc20 a lot and it's only mono input-output...

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At Band practice and shows

My strat and Bronco I just got

into a Digitech Expression Pedal some times with a Ibanez Delay/Echo Pedal

into a Peavey Triple XXX

While Practicing at home

My Bronco Currently or my strat or my LTD DV8-R or Ibanez RG or My girlfriends Jackson

straight into a Fender M-80 combo

That my Stuipid drummer thru out, he really did, one day he asked me if I wanted to go dumpster diving and I said no, then he told me he thru out about three or four guitar amps into the dumpster, so then I went and saved them. Traded most of them for my bronco but kept the M-80, I just remember opening it up and seeing a weird grey carpet covered amp looking at me and then suddenly seeing Fender Made in America on it, its a solid state but hey it sounds good and was free. :-D

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