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Your rig?

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93' Fender Am Std tele (white/cream)

06' Fender Am Ser strat(sunburst)

06' Fender Cyclone II (Daphne blue)

82' Fender Bullet H 1(Red)

09' Epiphone Casino(Sunburst)

10' Gibson LP studio(Silverburst)

93' Guild JF30 12(blonde)

94' Guild D4

Guitar Amps

Mesa Tremoverb 2x12 combo

Vox Ac50CP2 2x12 combo

Vox AC4 (the 8 in. model)

Crate Gunnison acoustic amp

Lots of pedals....

wow...impressive collection

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Those are a modded DS-1 and a DS-2 which switch places with the RAT.

I use OD-3 for boost but it adds too much color. I'm looking at MXR Micro Amp to replace it. Otherwise it's a decent overdrive.

Still saving up for a DD-3. For now that Artec will stay in my board.

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A local tech calls it his tri-gain mod - his take on Keeley mod, I think ( I haven't tried one). Locally, it's known as Beez Mod DS-1. On a side note, the guy runs a music/tech shop and a great blues player too (LookForBeez.com).

1st mode is normal DS-1 (but a bit smoother), 2nd and 3rd mode has volume gain of about 50% but has less distortion. More of an overdrive. 3rd mode has a Seeing eye mod.

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